In light of the current state of our community and retailers’ priorities being focused on the activities related to COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Excellence in Retailing Awards program.

We take pride in honoring the very best in retail, innovation, and creativity every year. We want to ensure RCC and the industry is prepared to celebrate and honor the community to the fullest. We will explore how we can celebrate the hard work produced in 2019 and 2020 in the coming months.

Stay on top of the COVID-19 developments by regularly visiting RCC's COVID-19 update page.

Choose from 13 categories that represent key areas of focus within the retail industry. See below for more details.

  • eCommerce Experience
  • The eCommerce Experience Award recognizes the best overall user experience for online shopping and transactions, including website design, content, on-site merchandising, on-site search, integration of social, transaction-marketing based email, mobile (handset, tablet or both) and video engagement features for online shoppers.

  • Environmental Leadership
  • The Environmental Leadership Award is given to a retailer who demonstrates a new sustainability initiative or advancement of a current sustainability initiative.

  • Health, Safety & Wellness
  • The Health, Safety and Wellness award is given to a retailer who demonstrates a successfully implemented new program or an improvement in an existing program to promote, support and enhance the physical and psychological well-being of their workforce.

  • In-Store Experience & Design
  • The In-Store Experience & Design Award recognizes a retailer that demonstrates an innovative, original and visually enticing in-store experience & design layout. Whether it is a new store with a new design/layout concept, an existing store that has been completely renovated or the implementation of new technologies and tactics that add new value to the in-store shopping experience, the impact on the success of the retailer must be demonstrated.

  • In-Store Merchandising
  • The In-Store Merchandising Award recognizes a retailer that develops an innovative merchandising strategy planned for a specific product line, brand, season, colour or department.

  • Loss Prevention
  • The Loss Prevention Award recognizes a retailer who has successfully implemented a Loss Prevention strategy in order to improve the organization’s profits through a business solution that addresses issues such as shoplifting, organized retail crime, data security, employee pilferage, robbery, burglary, fraudulent credit/debit cards, fraudulent returns, counterfeiting and paperwork errors etc.

  • Mobile Experience
  • The Mobile Experience Award recognizes a critical and growing component in the online retail space, where retailers sell, inform, entertain, promote and market their products and services.

  • Omni-Channel
  • The Omni-Channel Award recognizes retailers who trade across a combination of channels including bricks and mortar, online, mobile and more.

  • Philanthropic Leadership
  • The Philanthropic Leadership Award recognizes a retailer-initiated program that demonstrates a creative response, active collaboration and successful fulfillment of community needs.

  • Pop-up Experience and Design Award
  • The Pop-Up Experience and Design Award recognizes a retailer or corporate brand entity that demonstrates an innovative, original and visually enticing in-store or out of store experience with the goal of increasing brand awareness, testing a new store concept and/or driving sales to an existing location.

  • Retail Marketing Award
  • The Retail Marketing Award recognizes outstanding marketing strategies and campaigns that help retailers grow their business.

  • Supply Chain Innovations
  • The Supply Chain Innovation Award recognizes a retailer who has excelled in all aspects of their supply chain in order to innovate and improve customer service levels and reduce operating costs.

  • Talent Development
  • The Talent Development Award recognizes a retailer with a successful talent development program that focuses on skills development, performance improvement, employee engagement, improved workplace culture, operations, store support, logistics, and individuals & teams.