The E-Commerce Experience Award recognizes the best overall user experience for online shopping and transactions, including website design, content, on-site merchandising, on-site search, integration of social, transaction-marketing based email, mobile (handset, tablet or both) and video engagement features for online shoppers.  The entry must demonstrate an outstanding e-commerce customer experience and show how the innovation led to a great customer experience, consumer engagement, positive website (versus product) reviews, and return on investment. Success may be measured by sales conversion rates, abandoned basket rates, page views/engagement, bounce-rates, click through rates, customer satisfaction measures, willingness to recommend rates, post-transaction survey result, referrals, unique visitors, bounce rate, number of repeat unique visitors/customers etc.

Content Requirements for Case Study:

Introduction (100 Words)

Please include the following in your response:

  • Name of retailer
  • Name of e-commerce initiative/website address
  • Name of website/design agency (if applicable)
  • Summary of e-commerce initiative

Needs and Objectives (300-500 Words) - 20%

Please include the following in your response:

  • The needs for the initiative, project or site
  • A complete description of the initiative’s target market
  • The objective or purpose of the initiative

Program Details & Results (600-1000 Words) - 70%

Please include the following in your response:

  • Outline the creative execution of the initiative from concept to completion
  • Describe how the initiative provides the consumer with an outstanding industry leading holistic retail experience, providing product information and/or purchase options, applying best-of-breed traditional or non-traditional merchandising principles to the online environment and utilizes state-of-the-art online merchandising tactics and strategies. Demonstrate how these tactics were measured and their results.
  • Discuss how (if applicable) store operations or other department/teams were engaged and involved in the process to ensure positive customer experience
  • Explain how the initiative improved the experience of such elements as: navigation, product selection and information, purchase options, fast loading pages, interactive content, security of purchase, e-mail follow-up/order tracking, speed of delivery, search engine optimization smooth and effective customer returns process, quality customer service and more. Describe how this helped achieve the ultimate goal of the initiative.
  • Explain the collaboration of both internal and external stakeholders. Describe the impact the initiative had on all stakeholders (e.g. internal team collaboration, improved supplier relations).
  • Outline the resources, budget and timelines assigned to the initiative. Explain how these resources were effectively used, budget targets were maintained and timelines achieved.
  • Describe how the initiative was to be evaluated and if the plan met the assessed needs, if all components were delivered and if the overall objectives were achieved.
  • Discuss the success of the initiative including applicable measurements: click through rates, referrals, sales, repeat unique visitors, and sales conversions.
  • Elaborate on any other elements that you would like to highlight about the initiative

Supporting Evidence: Judged - 10%

Provide creative examples with descriptions (e.g. Images, user reviews etc.)

Formatting Requirements for Case Study:

  1. Title Page
    (Must include Award Category, Name of Company and Title of Submission)
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Content Pages
    • Introduction
    • Needs and Objectives
    • Program Details & Results
  4. Appendices (if applicable) and Supporting Evidence with description